The life and times of a Goozeberry

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When I first heard of Etsy I thought that it was too good to be true! An enormous web site dedicate to art, craft and generally wonderfully creative people, Woo Hoo! My initial trepidation about selling online was immediately quashed by the lovely community and support here on Etsy and I haven’t looked back since.

I have always been fascinated by items from a bygone era and whilst reading a book about Georgian and Victorian Table etiquette I stumbled upon the overwhelming types of cutlery and tableware they used.

Today we usually have just one set of cutlery and maybe one for ‘best’ when the in-laws come around; but in the past they had an item of cutlery for anything and everything from an tiny egg spoon to an Asparagus Tongs, a fruit knife to a Berry Ladle ( My prized possession is a 19th century silver plated sandwich scissors!) These no longer have a place in the modern home but it saddened me that they would be left idle in a dusty box under the stairs, it was this that prompted me to rejuvenate these once loved possessions into items that would be treasured once more.

So armed with my trusty hammer and a vintage antique axe head (It's a long story!!) I embarked on my stamping empire :D

Since Goozeberry Hill's conception several years ago I have now ventured down other avenues, creating a new range of products with my incredible laser cutter. All my items are designed & hand finished by me in my little workshop in glorious South Wales

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